Smart Society Mobile Application

Smart Society is a versatile application that will be created for the compelling correspondence between Society Members. As we as a whole realize that there are heaps of versatile applications are propelled each day. Shrewd Society is one of the portable applications that is intended to give offices to the general public individuals which can be used utilizing advanced mobile phone. This application gives the office of looking contact data of society individuals. Utilizing this application one can without much of a stretch discover the contact data of different society individuals. The warning in regards to any occasions or brochures related with society can be straightforwardly gotten on the advanced mobile phone. Declaration of council gatherings is likewise accessible on this application. On the off chance that any general public part can’t go to the gathering he can see the moment of meeting on the portable application. It likewise gives the office of booking network lobby specifically from versatile application. Society individuals can check the accessibility of network corridor on specific date and book the network hall.It gives the office Vehicle Parking administration.In the event that any general public individuals has stopped their vehicle in no stopping zone then a text can be send to them for proper stopping. It gives the word reference of different specialist organizations situated close to society, for example, circuit repairman, handyman, specialists and so on.. So society individuals can without much of a stretch get in touch with them if there should be an occurrence of crisis. The most essential office gave in this application is security. On the off chance that guard found any uncalled for action he can send an alarm message to all general public individuals. Subsequently “Keen Society” is a versatile application which gives effective correspondence between society individuals , society administration and guard.