Magic Kiosk

Take shoppers’ and customers’ feedback using iPads and Android kiosks at retail stores, shops, super markets and malls after they make a purchase or before they walk out. Set up at all locations and compare location-wise feedback of shoppers or take feedback through your website. Get feedback alerts & detailed reports in real-time to take immediate action. Task groups coordinate all expectations inside a solitary expert grounds, stream-lining interchanges fixing to reliable first pass achievement.

With more than 200,000 units effectively conveyed, KIOSK has profound involvement in a full supplement of vertical markets, giving specialty aptitude in both stage creation and volume arrangement bolster. OEM and end client ventures go from conventional applications in retail; charge installment, and HR to exceptionally custom multi-work keeping money, distributing, savvy locker and fringe security arrangements. With 20+ years altogether devoted to the specialty of self-benefit, KIOSK has the enthusiasm, ability, and assets to incredibly rearrange your way to advertise. Shrewdly outlined, proficient programming ought to be what controls your stands. Furthermore, that product ought to be a delight to utilize. The general population behind KioskSimple have been in the stand business for a short time now… furthermore, we genuinely discovered contenders’ contributions to the market lacking and not suited to our tastes. Along these lines, we’re influencing our own particular booth to secure answer for control our stands and yours.

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