Magic Hospital Management

Magic Hospital Management  provides the hospital servies. In this quick paced universe of pharmaceutical, it is an overwhelming undertaking to deal with a
multi claim to  fame healing center. A healing center administration framework (HMS) is a PC or online framework that encourages dealing with the working of the doctor’s facility


This segment incorporates the rundown of the specialists and their schedules3. It additionally incorporates specialists’ crisis numbers. The specialist can check his calendar and that of different specialists as well. This causes a specialist to alter his calendar appropriately. It incorporates rundown of the accessible meds for particular maladies with the goal that the specialist can without much of a stretch search for an elective when in require. The patient can be given an arrangement alluding to the specialists’ timetable. The utilization of HMS makes the co-appointment between a specialist and patient simple and bother free.

Patient Information

New patients can be enrolled in the framework. An electronic restorative record framework is in-assembled which stores all the essential and medicinal points of interest of the patient2. One can likewise add an element to store photographs of the patients as character confirmation which can likewise help in medico-lawful instances of false personalities or fraud1.


Utilizing HMS one can rapidly check the accessibility of rooms/beds with the goal that the secretary can change exchange of patients starting with one ward then onto the next or assign the bed to the new patient. This information is continually refreshed to monitor released patients. This segment additionally incorporates the point by point calendar of the task theaters. This helps the secretary or the medical attendants to know which theaters are empty to opening other surgeries3.


It incorporates names and timings of the medical caretakers and ward young men on obligation with their particular ward numbers. The directions given to the medical caretaker for every patient are entered in the framework.

Supplies control

A careful stock can be kept up about the load of provisions in the healing facility like careful instruments, meds, research facility supplies, stationary, staff supplies, and so on. This record causes the organization to have a snappy take a gander at the utilization and keep a control on the wastage of the provisions.


A different computerized segment is intended for charging purposes. HMS entireties up every one of the costs of a patient at one time and create a total bill toward the finish of the discussion or at release. This spares time and exertion for every division as they require not deliver independent


The individual insurance agency can check the points of interest and further the way toward passing the claim. This information is then put away in the database and thus can be recouped for any later use by the healing center or patient or insurance agency.

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