Magic GMT

(GMT) course, likewise named as Apparel Production or Fashion Production, is broadly known and esteemed by the design business in India and additionally abroad. Under this expert course, one learns subtle elements of attire generation advancements like  different procedure under clothing creation, different sorts of generation frameworks, hardware and gear, most recent innovations for the clothing generation, attire promoting, information from fiber to form. Design industrialists dependably favor GMTian from NIFT (India) on account of its course substance and profundity of information understudies learned and working on amid their examination. In correlation with other assembling enterprises piece of clothing fabricating as yet falling behind in organization Infrastructures, Technology level, Production framework, Management strategy and so on. To get a major change article of clothing industry qualified proficient to set in overseeing processing plants. To supply the sensibly stable and in fact solid people, design establishments assemble their understudies in like manner.

MagicGMT Apparel ERP – A Complete Solution for Garment Manufacturers Assists in Scheduling theWorkflow.Helps in Streamlining the Operations.Provides Analytical Information and Projections.Ensures proper Time and Action Planning. Monitoring of Delivery Schedules.

  • Assists in Scheduling theWorkflow.
  • Helps in Streamlining the Operations.
  • Provides Analytical Information and Projections.
  • Ensures proper Time and Action Planning.
  • Warnings and Alerts..
  • Supports Monitoring of Delivery Schedules.
  • Performs Inventory Control.
  • Tracks Audit Control path.
  • Integrates the organization into one unit.
  • Processes order information.
  • Generates Reports and Queries for better control.