Magic Email Ticketing

MagicMinds Support is a wonderfully basic email based ticketing framework for following, organizing, and unraveling client bolster tickets. We put all your client data in a single place. All that you require lives in a solitary area, with the goal that correspondence amongst you and your clients is proficient, important, and individual. Nothing ever get lost. MagicMinds allows you to categorize emails into different folders depending on the query raised. For instance, you can segregate conversations team wise like finance, support, sales, etc. Segregation can also be done on the basis of the nature of the query like feedback, complaints, support and so on. No more worrying about sorting your email, and other trivial, time-consuming activities. Free help work area programming from Web Help Desk improves ticketing administration, mechanizes help work area errands, and recoveries a huge amount of time for the IT specialist.

Major features

1.Ticket management for issue tracking and service request fulfilment
2.Intuitive service request & self-service portal for end-users
3.Automatic email-to-ticket conversion (including attachments)
4.Automated ticket routing & assignment based on technician’s skill set, availability, location, department, & work load
5.Load balancing of ticket assignment
6.Parent/child relationships: Link “Incidents” to “Problem” ticket
7.Quick ticket creation templates
8.Bulk Ticket Updates
9.Unlimited user-defined fields for dynamic ticket forms
10.Configure multiple inbound email addresses
11.Import Tickets (CSV or TSV)
12.Export Tickets (TSV or PDF, built-in PDF generator)